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Small Animal Encounter 3/08/24 ($15) 11:15am

Small Animal Encounter 3/08/24 ($15) 11:15am
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  • Goats: Spend some time cuddling our 4 Nigerian Dwarf Goats (Snickers, Reese's, Oreo, & Peanut). 
  • Valais Blacknose Sheep: (Bo & Peep):This breed originate in the Valais region of Switzerland and are renowned for their calm & friendly nature.  Spend time giving them scratches on their backs, they will keep asking for more!
  • Minature Horses: (Little Red Ridinghood & Bogart):  Take some time to lead our minature horses around the barn yard.

15 minutes of loving on and unlimited photos with our Goats, Sheep, & Miniature Horses!  

Cost: $15 per person, under 2 free, no more than 20 people at a time in with the animals.

What to Expect

  • Please wear clothes that can get dirty. 
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes. 
  • Goats like to climb so they may jump and climb on your legs... Goats don't wear shoes, they have hooves, so it will feel a little weird or spiky on your legs. 
  • Goats like to nibble and chew on shoe strings, clothing and anything else you may bring in the corral. 
  • You will be in a corral where animals live and poo! You might get dirty (or other things) on you. Animals go to the bathroom whenever and wherever.
  • Guests must wash their hands before entering the corral and exiting the corral. This is for the safety of the Animals AND Guests. 
  • Guests will need to complete and sign a participation Waiver. 

** This activity is not recommended for pregnant women 
**Our animals are friendly; however, still Farm animals and can be unpredictable.