Purpose & Use of Lavender

“Here’s your sweet lavender sixteen sprigs a penny that you’ll find my ladies will smell as sweet as any."

-Lavender Sellers’s Cry, London England CA 1900

Vintage lavender is associated with charm and sweet fragrance.  Today, we cook with lavender and associate the lovely scent of lavender with deep relaxation.  Just a “waft” of lavender makes us respond by breathing in deeply and exhaling with a satisfied, “Ahhh.” It happens all the time as people enter the Lavender Shop at White Oak Lavender farm!

We offer our lavender in several forms.  For relaxation, we offer dream pillows, stress balls, massage oils and bath and body luxuries. For culinary purposes we offer spices, teas, vinaigrette, jams, jellies and ice cream. We also sell our culinary lavender by the tin and offer recipe cards so that you can create your own tasty dishes. To experience lavender, we offer beautiful lavender gardens for U-Pick, classes, tours and delightful picnics!

Come to White Oak Lavender Farm to explore ideas for using lavender. Learn more about the History of Lavender...