Photography Policy

Professional Photography

Photography by customers is welcome during our regular hours of operation! We ask that if you get a particularly good shot on the farm, that you share it with us for use on our webpage or advertising!

Professional Photographers are required to make a reservation and pay the grounds fee as follows:

  • June & July: the grounds fee is generally $75 for one session.* You must have a reservation, provide us a description of your props and tell us the number of people who will be involved in your photo shoot. Our hours are 10AM - 6 PM. Large groups and longer hours will be priced individually. After hours sessions will incur an additional $75 per hour or any part of additional hours after 6 PM.
  • May, August, September & October: the grounds fee is generally $50.00 per one session.* You must make a reservation and provide an accurate description of the size of your group and the use of props. Large groups and longer hours will be individually priced.
  • November - April: there is no grounds fee, but there is the normal charge to enter the Discovery Area.

If you would like to schedule a time after hours, please make a request by email. There will be a $75 per hour extra charge for after hours. 

Please note that we work hard to provide beautiful grounds year round, but we cannot guarantee that we won't have a project or two happening on the farm!  It is important that you provide accurate details of your planned photoshoot.  We cannot allow the use of our animals in posed positions. Animals in the background are fine!  All photoshoots must take place in the general public area and special arrangements need to made for after hours use of the farm.  Thank you!

*Professional photographers will need to discuss their project with us and a fee will be determined on a case by case basis!