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Gift Set Relax & Relieve

Gift Set Relax & Relieve
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This lovely gift set includes our Lavender Deep Muscle Jelly, Lavender Cream for Feet & Lavender filled Sock Wrap.

Muscle Jelly: This healthy body gel contains capsicum which warms as it penetrates the skin and muscle. For topical use on joints and muscles to warm and loosen tension after a work out or an injury.

Cream for Feet: Oh so refreshing! This cream for feet has shea butter, and essential oils of lavender and peppermint to cool and smooth your aching feet.

Sock Wrap: Soothe achy tired muscles with the calming Lavender scent with our flexible sock wrap that can be warmed in the microwave. The ultimate relaxation treat! Heat in the microwave or tumble dryer; or chill in the freezer!  It is a mixture of rice, flax seed and lavender flower buds!  To wash, untie sock and pour mixture into a bowl; wash seperatly (or with a towel) as to not stain cloths.  Once dry, funnel mixture back into sock and enjoy!