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Festival of Imagination Ticket

Please bring printed ticket to event

Festival of Imagination Ticket
Join us for Firefly Night 2022!
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Tickets on Sale NOW!

This is a wonderful family evening for the young and young at heart! 

Ticket Type #1- $10.00 (Recommended for children and the young at heart.) Includes entrance to the Discovery Area, booths for various ages, a lavender lemonade slushy pop and entertainment by our guest magician.  Stations included: making a firefly jar, still art painting booth, kindness rock designing, several new imagination booths and access to a photo booth with printed pictures.  

Ticket Type #2-  $10.00 (Recommended for Adults who want to pick lavender.) Includes entrance to the Discovery Area, access to a professional photo booth with printed pictures, entertainment by our guest magician, UPick 20 stem lavender bouquet, and a live music event.

Ticket Type #3-  $8.00 (Recommended for adults who would just like to enjoy the music and watch the festivities.) Includes entrance to our Discovery Area gardens and a fun time watching all the activity!

The winery is open for adults and the grounds are open for families to enjoy until dusk. There will also be a Food Truck! Then, we gather to catch fireflies and the magic begins!  Together, we release our fireflies back into the gardens and it is a beautiful experience!!! We offer education about fireflies and teach a bit about light pollution as it pertains to keeping the environment healthy for fireflies!

Anyone 2 years and over needs a ticket.

This event is rain or shine! Please bring event ticket with you. No refunds given for event tickets.

We love dogs but we ask that they stay at home for this large event.