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Slush Mix Moonshine

Slush Mix Moonshine
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Frozen moonshine slush mix, made of all natural ingredients, makes great tasting frozen moonshine slushes or wine slushies.

To make a D’stilled Moonshine slush, simply pour the powdered mix into a zip-top gallon sized baggie or a plastic container, add 3 cups of moonshine, and 9 cups of water. Place the mix in the freezer, and in 3-5 hours you will have a wonderful frozen moonshine slush.

Want to make this a lavender blueberry or apple pie wine slush instead! In a large container or zip top bag, simply add 1 bottle of wine, refill wine bottle with water, and add mix! Stir or knead bag until mix is complete dissolved. Place in freezer for 3-5 hours or until desired consistency is achieved. We recommend a bottle of Dragonfly for a white wine slushie, or a bottle of Pardon My Purple for a red! Cheers! 

(in notes let us know if you want blueberry or apple pie) if you don't specify we will send apple pie)