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Lavender Fancy Dream Pillows
These lovely dream pillows are approximately  8" x 10" and are perfect for slipping into your pillowcase for a relaxing nap!  They are also perf...
Lavender Buds by the Scoop
You'll love these sweet smelling lavender flower buds.  They are ready to fill your own sachets, add to your vacuum cleaner, make your own cleaning products and...
Lavender Pillow
Sleep soundly with this hand-sewn pillowcase filled with a lush pillow of lavender, mugwort and buckwheat hulls.  It measures about 18"x13".  This pillo...
Fancy Eye Mask
Lovely blend of lavender flower buds and flax seed.  Can be purchased with or without the comfy elastic band.
Lavender Neck Wrap
Lovely cotton neck wrap filled with rice and lavender flowere buds. It can be warmed in the microwave!
Shoulder Wrap
Perfect fit for around your neck.  Warms well in the microwave and continues to let off the aroma of lavender.  So relaxing and soothing for your muscles!
Sock Wrap
Flexible wrap that can be warmed in the microwave.  It is a mixture of rice and lavender flower buds!