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Lavender Linen & Room Spray (3 Sizes)
This Florasol is the natural by- product from the distilling process that we do on the farm to extract our essential oils.  A lovely natural mist that is safe for your...
Lavender Essential Oil Roller Balls (5 Types)
Our Lavender Aromatherapy Roller Ball Collection offers essential oil for all your moisturizing and relaxation needs. Each Essential Oil Roller comes in a convenient t...
Essential Oil - Lavandula Angustifolia (Two Sizes)
Our Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil is distilled at White Oak Lavender from our Angustifolia cultivars of Lavender.  It has a sweet and f...
Essential Oil - Grosso (Three Sizes)
This essential oil is the pure essence extracted from the Grosso Lavender Plant.  It has a fresh and natural scent.  This oil is often used in making your ow...
Lavender Massage Oil (2 Sizes)
This Lavender Massage Oil is a blend of sweet almond oil and our lavender essential oil.  It is smooth and quite strong. In a cobalt blue glass boston round with an ey...
Lavender Meditation Oil (2 Sizes)
This massage oil is blended in earthy and nourishing Jojoba and Sweet Almond carrier oils.  Containing an essential oils blend that has been known to be used for conce...
Floral Waters (Linen & Room Spray)
Our Floral Waters make a lovely room & pillow spray or an aromatherapy spray. Inhale Relax Exhale!  Spritz our lovely floral spray in your linen closet or bedroom ...
Aroma Mists (4 Types)
Floral Waters and essential oil for your well-being. This specially blended recipe is bottled in a convenient pocket size spray bottle for aromatherapy on the go!Harmony&nb...
Aroma Mist - Kit
Floral water and essential oil for your well-being. NOT AVAILABLE FOR WHOLESALEEncouragement to enhance self-esteem.  Contains ginger, lavender, cedarwood, and caraway...
Lavender Stress Ball
Stress balls are filled with flax seed and lavender.   Patterns vary. If you would like to request a pattern or solid you may leave a note with you order or call the s...
Jeweled Sachet
This elegant sachet is filled with dried lavender buds.  It is wonderfully aromatic & great for scenting linens, closets, chests and more.
Embroidered Muslin Sachet
Our medium sachets are muslin and always filled with sweet smelling grosso buds!  Long lasting scent.
Lavender Soy Tarts
One package of Lavender Tarts includes 6 aromatic cubes of clean soy wax, lavender essential oil and lavender flower buds.  For use in tart warmers.
Lavender Soy Candle 3oz
Relax with our soy candles infused with lavender essential oil & dried lavender buds. Soy is a clean burning wax.
Lavender Soy Candle Large w/ Lid
Our Lavender Soy Inspirational 8 oz. candle is made with clean burning soy wax, lavender essential oil and lavender flower buds.  Candle jar has a dome lid and is...
Reed Diffuser and Refill
The refill bottle is 4 oz.  The refill bottle may vary. You can keep adding liquid as your diffuser begins to get lower.
Reed Diffuser Refill
This refill is made at the farm with essential oil and a dried lavender flower stem! Bottle may vary from photo and will arrive unlabeled.