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Plant Wholesale


We no longer sell plants wholesale for grower's stock.

We will continue to retail plants at our farm store from April through October. (Or until sold out.) We are not able to guarantee plants will be in bloom at a certain date for weddings. We do not ship.

We DO offer discounts for the purchase of a tray or multiple trays!  Our plants are offered in 1 gallon or 4.5" pots (Singles or 15 per tray.)  We offer both Lavandula angustifoilia and Lavandula x intermedia.

Purchase one tray (Can be mixed varieties) Receive 1 FREE plant

Purchase 10 gallons Receive 1 FREE gallon or 3 FREE 4.5" plants


Some of Our Cultivars Available for Purchase:

Provence - Lavandula x intermedia.  A lovely multi- purpose long stem lavandin.  36-48" Blooms mid to late June in our region.  Prefers to be sheltered from the wind. Continuous Bloomer.

True Grosso - Lavandula x intermedia.  The oil producer of the lavandins. It is a deep shade of purple with a lovely herbaceous fragrance.  36" Blooms mid June in our region.

Munstead - Lavandula Angultifolia. A hardy lavender with blue/purple flower buds. 24-30" Blooms late May in our region.  Lovely short stemmed lavender.   

Folgate - Lavandula Angustifolia. Folgate gives off a sweet aroma & is one of the best oil producers and dries dark for wreath making. 18-24" Blooms late May and again in September in our region.

Imperial Gem -  Lavandula Angustifolia.  Compact shrub with deep purple flower buds. A hardy lavender with longer stem length than many angustifolias.  18-20" Blooms late spring.

Betty's Blue - Lavandula Angustifolia. Betty's Blue is a hardy lavender with medium lavender-blue blooms. No loss on our farm in the harsh winter of 2014!  18-20" Blooms late spring early summer.

Violette Intrigue- Lavandula Angustifolia. Dark blooms on aromatic silver green stems and foliage. It is a mid size for the English lavenders.  24-30".   Double blooms in Spring and Fall. 

Impress Purple - Lavandula x intermedia. This lavandin grows in a dome. The blooms form a spherical shape.  Dark purple blooms are wonderful in bouquets.  30-36" Summer bloom.

Dark Supreme - Lavandula Angustifolia. Dark Supreme has bright green foliage and the bud is white on the back before it blooms light violet offering a varigated appearance. 24-30" Summer bloom.

Sachet - Lavandula Angustifolia. True to its name with a wonderful, soft fragrance for filling sachets. Also culinary. Purple bloom. 24-30".  Blooms in late spring and throughout the summer.

Royal Velvet - Deep violet blooms that darken when dried.  Great for wreath making and culinary. We use this lavender in our Royal Velvet culinary collection.  24-30"  Double bloomer.

Victorian Amethyst - Lavandula Angustifolia. Victorian Amethyst has bright blooms on true green bush. Very fragrant.  24-30" plant. Blooms in late spring/early summer.