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Our Story

White Oak Lavender Farm is owned and operated by the Haushalter family in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley near Massanutten Resort. We grow over 8,000 lavender plants in many interesting varieties. We harvest our lavender plants in the summer to dry the flowers for buds and to extract the essential oil and hydrosol or floral water through steam distillation. 

The Haushalters fell in love with the versatility of this amazing herb. Julie Walton Haushalter began growing lavender as a hobby on the farm and soon was making products for family and friends. Next, Julie's parents, Jim and Jessie Walton, volunteered to help harvest and make bundles for drying and "disbudding" so that Jessie and Rick Haushalter’s mother, Margaret, could sew items such as lavender pillows, eye masks, neck wraps and lavender-filled sock monkeys. It wasn't long before they were off to theDowntown Harrisonburg Farmer's Market to sell their products! In addition to products being offered year round online and at the farm store,  products are available April – December on Saturdays at the Harrisonburg Farmer's Market.

The farm has expanded into an agri-tourism venue and is open to the public seven days per week offering a wine tasting room, tours, lectures, classes, a petting area and a lovely lavender gift shop.  

The combination of Julie's life experiences and career path has influenced her commitment to helping others become more aware of ways in which to manage the effects of stress on the body and spirit at White Oak Lavender Farm.  Our theme, Color My World Purple, is focused on how the farm and our products can bring Hope, Love, Encouragement and Peace to the world. Check out the many classes, labyrinth workshops and farm tours that are available!

Rebecca Haushalter Frakes, daughter of Rick and Julie, also works full time in the family business. After graduating from Virginia Tech in Hospitality and Tourism from the Pamplin School of Business, she invested several years learning the wine industry. She interned in Napa Valley and then worked as a manager at CrossKeys Vineyard. She has since planted 1,100 vines on the family farm and has opened her own tasting room called The Purple WOLF Vineyard! Our winemaker, Randy Phillips is the owner of Cave Ridge Vineyards in Mt. Jackson, VA. Rebecca has a great deal of knowledge about lavender. When she isn’t helping customers, (or making soap!) she can be found spending time with her husband, Matt or riding her horse, Quest, in the arena.